21 01 2013

My French Quest

One of the places that I was the most excited about visiting when I returned to Paris in 2012 was the Musée d’Orsay.  It was there that I first realized how much I loved the works of Auguste Renoir; his rich blues and reds, the way he captured shadows and sunlight reflecting through the trees, the sweet expressions on children’s faces, the way he arranged flowers in a simple vase to light up the room.  The d’Orsay collection introduced me to The Swing, Bal au Moulin de la Galette, and Country Dance, City Dance.   However, much to my disappointment, during the renovations over the past two years, the d’Orsay changed out much of their Renoir collection.

Of course, this is what museums are supposed to do!  They have thousands of paintings and sculptures but not much space to display them.  In addition, the last time they changed their Renoir collection…

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2 responses

8 12 2013
Guy Savage

I just watched RENOIR, a film about the artist and one of his models (she later married Jean Renoir, the filmmaker). Recommended if you haven’t seen it.

9 12 2013

Yes, I watched this film last year while I was living in Paris. Beautiful story, wonderful cinematography! I have been watching for it on Netflix!

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