7 03 2013

My French Quest


Paris is an ancient city. The origins of Paris, then called Parisii, go back to the Gallo-Roman period in 300 BC.  Today, one can still see the remnants from this period in the Arènes des Lutèce located in the Latin Quarter or in the Crypte of the Notre Dame; however, most of Paris has been built and rebuilt since that time.  The greatest transformation of this impressive city came during the reign of Napoleon III and his principal architect, Baron George Haussmann from 1850-1870.  In fact, the boulevards and architecture that Paris is famous for and that is reproduced on posters and postcards were created during these two important decades.  Not only did this team improve the visible functionality and aesthetics of Paris through new boulevards, squares, public buildings and parks, it also provided the city with a much improved sewage system and water supply. This transformation became a…

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